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J-Term 2020

January 5, 2020

Early morning arrival in Iceland. FI-602 6:25.

Breakfast in Digraneskirkja.
Sunday service in Hallgrímskirkja at 11am. Meeting with pastor Sigurður Árni Þórðarson after the service.

City cruise.  

Early evening dinner with Pastor Guðni Már, Ásdís and family at 5:30 pm


Hekla the volcano

Wednesday January 8, 2020

Leaving Skálholt.  

Dinner with the dean, pastor Halldóra Þorvarðardóttir, local pastors and lay people of the church, at Fellsmúli near the volcano Hekla.



Rules, rites and rituals ☺

Friday, January 10th

Breakfast at 8:30 with senior pastor Sigurður Arnarson in Kópavogskirkja (Pastor Siggi, Decon Asta, Cantor Lenka Mátéová and a member or members from the local parish council).

Lunch reception at 10:30-2pm at the funeral service in Fossvogur with staff and CEO (Þórsteinn Ragnarsson). Video presentation and then introduction to the facility.

Ocean swimming in Nauthólsvík (optional). 

Evening dinner with Thora and Gunnar


The National Church -

The Bishops office

Monday, January 13th

 Lectures at the bishops office in Reykjavik about the Icelandic National Church at 10am, arranged by Pétur Markan.  

Lunch with the bishop of Iceland, Agnes Sigurðardóttir, Þorvaldur Víðisson, the bishop assistant and staff. 


Disabled people at their work-space.                              The Church in Special Circumstances

January 6, 2020

Morning coffee at 9.30 am with CEO at Ás-Styrktarfélag. Arranged by Þóra Þórarinsdóttir. Presentation of services for disabled people.  Lunch with staff and leaders, arranged by Þóra.  Pastors in Special Circumstances at 11am.  Pastor Guðný Hallgrímsdóttir will be with the participants with hospice chaplain, Kristín Pálsdóttir, pastor for the deaf and Toshiki Toma, pastor for immigrants


Palliative Care

Thursday, January 9th 

Morning-coffee at 9am and a visit to the Palliative Care Unit at Landspitali-The National University Hospital of Iceland,  Kópavogsgerði 6 b-d, Kópavogur. Dr. Guðlaug Helga Ásgeirsdóttir, hospital chaplain arranges the visit and introduces the Unit. 


The rural church. Reykholt and Skorradalur

Saturday, January 11th

Reykholt and Reykholtskirkja.

Meeting with Pastor Geir Waage.


Overnight stay at the cottage in Skorradalur.  Hot tub and relaxation. 


"The Northern Lights???" 

Háskóli Íslands.jpg

Háskóli Íslands

The University of Iceland

Monday, January 13th

The University of Iceland.  

Class at 13:20 with dr. Arnfríður Guðmundsdóttir and  the Theology students.  


Evening dinner with dr. Arnfríður & pastor Gunnar Matthíasson at their home.



January 6-8, 2020

Monday afternoon: Driving to Skálholt.  Open talk with the Bishop of Skálholt, Kristján Björnsson. 

The annual academy with Icelandic Pastors. Evening talks and fellowship.


The city church

Thursday, January 9th 

Lunch with Senior Pastor Pálmi Matthíasson, pastor María Ágústsdóttir and Ásbjörn Björnsson, manager  in Bústaðakirkja in Reykjavík. 
Grensáskirkja and Bústaðakirkja have been joined into one parish. The new parish, the Parish of Fossvogur has a senior pastor and two associate pastors.

"The Swimming pool" (a cross cultural experience). 

Evening dinner at 6pm with Gísli Jónasson the dean of East Reykjavík in Breiðholtskirkja. 


Reykholtskirkja and Lindakirkja

Sunday, January 12th

Sunday service at 2pm in Reykholtskirkja (Traditional icelandic Sunday service)

Evening dinner at Lindakirkja at 6 pm with pastors and staff. 


Sunday service at 8pm
(Gospel music)

Norski fáninn.jpg


Tuesday, January 14th

Early morning flight to Norway

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